Understand the Legal restrictions on Home Brew Alcohol in India
Understand the Legal restrictions on Home Brew Alcohol, wines and beer in India

Is home brewing legal in India? The answer is YES. It has some exceptions though. They are:

  1. Dry states and districts do not permit alcohol production. It is not allowed to ferment homemade wine or brewing beer is not in these places.
  2. Distillation is banned without a proper license as it is dangerous (methanol poisoning, explosion risks).
  3. Commercial sale is banned for any alcoholic wine or beer unless requisite taxes and permits are in place.

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Pouring the illegal moonshine down the drain
Pouring the illegal home brew moonshine wine down the drain

Note: The literature mentioned here should not be constituted as legal advice or instigation to break the laws. The advice mentioned here is only to explain the laws and regulations in a simple language and should not be constituted as complete. Please consult a qualified legal & tax attorney before fermenting wines or beer.

The aim of Arishtam is to educate you on the ancient process, best safe practices, and nudge you towards reviving the ancient traditions and recipes. Fermentation wines or craft beers should not be an occult art or a mystery practiced by a few but should be a democratic movement for the wise masses. Most enthusiasts have many questions on the safety and legality about fermentation at home. Here, we try to address some of the concerns.

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