How to make Low-Cost Glass Fermenter

Getting an affordable home brew glass fermenter is always a challenge. Imported glass carboys/demijohns are prohibitively expensive. Hence today we will talk about how to convert a simple glass jar into your ultimate fermenter.

Glass Fermenter for Wine/Beer

Convert your normal kitchen glass jar into a powerful fermenter
Prep Time10 minutes
Active Time3 minutes
Total Time13 minutes
Keyword: 3 piece airlock, demijohn, glass carboy, home brew fermenter
Yield: 1 Demijohn
Author: Ankur Aggarwal
Cost: 100


  • Kitchen Gas Stove
  • Pliers
  • Knife
  • A nail or piece of metal to piece


  • 1 piece Glass Jar or Carboy or Demijohn Wide mouth is preferred so that it is easy to clean.
  • 1 piece Airlock
  • 1 piece Grommet
  • 1 piece LCD Temperature Strip optional
  • 15 ml water


  • Locate any wide mouth glass jar, Bharani or food grade plastic container. Key things to look at:
    1. It needs to have a wide enough mouth so that it is easy to clean. Remove seeds/pulp from grape wine etc.
    2. It needs to be food grade with no cracks, scratches or pockets where the microbes can mulitply.
    3. It should be air tight & inexpensive. Pickle jars & recycled honey containers are great.
    pickle jar fermenter with airlock
  • Inspect the bottle for suitability, size and cracks. Sand off any sharp edges if any. Apply packing material to the lid screw to make it airtight. The Cling wrap is a great sealant to make the joints tight. Otherwise teflon tape can also be used.
  • Take a nail and hold with a plier, plass, tongs or anything to grip the nail. A thick pointed metal object is preferred. Heath the sharp end over a gas stove till it is red hot. Piece a right size hole with the hot nail. Alternatively you can use the soldering iron or drill machine.
    plier with nail
  • Attach the grommet in the hole to check if the size is right. (remember you can always increase the whole size, but not reduce) So ensure that the joint is snuggle or tight. Make sure that half of the grommet is above the lid and half is below the lid.
    grommet for airlocks
  • Attach the airlock. You can also paste LCD thermometer sticker to take the temperature reading.
    S type airlock with temperature glass fermenter
  • Check again if the joint is airtight by pressing the lid a bit and watching it bubble. After that you can add your grapes (wine), apples (cider) or wort (beer) to ferment your home brew.
    home made apple wine


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The key to a good hobby is that it keeps you engaged, titillates your creativity, and gets redeemed by bragging rights/Instagram likes. So don’t be afraid to improvise and make the best use of the resources around you.

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