homemade wine in meghalaya

Meghalaya excise department has invited for comments, feedback, and suggestions from citizens before they open up the commercial sale of homemade wine in the state. This is a big step towards acceptance of Indian style fruit wines in the mainstream liquor industry.

Earlier last year Kerala government had started issuing the licence to cashew, jackfruit & banana wineries.

Indegenious style low alcoholic fruit wines impact the economy by:

  1. Better price to farmers. Especially when there is a lack of adequate cold storage, transport facility and processing plants for perishable fruits
  2. Bringing tourism & improving the pride of the region through its unique taste
  3. Employment generation in villages through promotion of cottage industry
  4. Health benefits: Unlike distilled spirits, wines have lower alcohol and is full of nutrients from the fruits it is made of.
  5. Improving tax revenue for the state.
  6. Curbing the illegal distillation.


21 years of experience in Home Brewing and author of Arishtam (India's first homebrew Guide Book).

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