Artisan Foodcraft is on the rise and we want you to be prepared for your first brew-party to showcase your gourmet acumen. Any gastronomical delight is incomplete if the delicate cuisine is not paired up with equally stimulating conversation around it.

We at Arishtam understand the importance of how important healthy food made from scratch is for our patrons. Hence we conduct webinars, workshops and demonstrations to help you hone your skills.

During our workshops we not only teach you how to make your first batch, but also customize it to various tastes, flavors and styles. We will educate you on how to make a safe, controlled and hygienic fermentation. 

If you are unable to attend our workshop, you can book a personalized webinar with our brewmaster as well.

Arishtam promotes responsible drinking within legal limits. We don't promote home-distillation or making of moonshine whiskey, vodka, Brandy and Arack. For us fermentation is an ancient art form and alcohol is a mere by-product of this pursuit.

We also provide process, technical and process consultancy to F&B enterprises. However please talk to a lawyer or CA on discussions around regulations, Excise, permits, licenses and necessary certifications needed to operate. For more details please check the legal page or mail us