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lemon pickle

नींबू चूर्ण Lemon Chooran Recipe

This is actually a Sun-dried lime pickle (नींबू चूर्ण) which is a great digestive aid. Being dry, it is easy to carry during travels and yet is equally healthy. There […]

red gajjar kanji

Gajjar Kanji: Sauerbeet Recipe

Carrot Kanji is sugar free, Vegan and keto friendly probiotic drink that is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B12. It is easy to make fermented cider drink and does […]

cider vinegar balsamic

Sirka: Cider Vinegar Recipe

Vinegar in Latin means ‘sour wine’ (vine gar). Essentially, any sugary fermentation in contact with oxygen will turn sour soon. It is a very simple technique and is more flavorful […]

kids playing sand ecoimmuniology


A couple of years ago, I attended seminars on machine learning, deep learning, AI/ML, and neural network. I was amazed that we are teaching the concept of evolution to software […]

cinnamon spicy probiotic honey meadwine

Madhu: Honey Mead Recipe

Honey Mead is the oldest and most culturally ubiquitous alcoholic drink throughout the world has been Fermented Honey Wine. It was considered so pure and delicate, that it was rightly […]

wine press grape

Simple Red Grape Wine Recipe

Red Grape Wine making process is so easy and their culture so ubiquitous. Its a joke among anthropologists: “There is no traditional ritual across the globe that does not involve […]

tongba nepal millet beer

Tongba: Millet Gruel Recipe

The rice sake-making technique can be extended to other grains as well. In Nepal, the famous Tongba is an unmalted gruit beer (unhoped beer) made from millets using a two-stage […]

how to make sake

Torani: Sake Recipe: Rice Wine at Home

According to a Chinese legend, rice came to China tied to a dog’s tail. It rescued people from a famine that occurred after a severe flood. Even in Indian culture, […]