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Home Brewing Recipes & Tutorials

Wine Making Workshop

About the event Three hour workshop for beginners in wine and cider making. Agenda: 1. Grape wine from Fresh Fruits (30 min) 2. Q&A on instant wine making (15 Min) […]

NitroBrew: Cold-Brew Coffee

“Nitro” cold brew is all the rage. What we don’t realize is that it is so simple and a rewarding experience. Without any week long wait, heating, temperature control: This […]

Apple Cider Wine Workshop

Two hour workshop for beginners in wine and cider making. Agenda: 1. Apple Cider from Tetra-Pack Juice using Turbo Yeast (30 min) 2. Q&A on instant wine making (15 Min) […]

Mulberry Shahtoot Wine

Also called Shahtoot (शहतूत ), it is a delicious deep red juicy berry. It is available abundantly in silk-producing areas of Eastern India from Karnataka to Assam. These are compound fruits […]

Phalse Indian Blueberry wine

Phalse Indian BlueBerry Wine

The pink, red and purple berries are grown in arid lands of Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh, these are often called Blue Berry of India. These grow in the wild during […]

litche wine

Litchi Wine

Red thorny skin with an oversized stone (seed), Litchi is one of the most exclusive fruits in India. It is available for only for 2-3 weeks in the year. The […]

homebrew siphon

DIY Siphon Tube

Siphon allows the transfer of homebrew from your fermenter to bottle or a secondary vessel. This allows decanting the brew without risk of oxidation or stirring the sediments.

infected wine

How to Prevent Infection

Infected fermentation is one of the worst nightmares of a brewer. Not only it poses a health hazard but Wine & Beer are prone to infection during fermentation and here […]

Health Benefits of Kombucha

Learn everything about Gut Fauna and the health benefits of Probiotics. In this Free Google Meet ( Session, We will cover the basic Kombucha making process followed by how probiotic […]