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Home Brewing Recipes & Tutorials

How to brew your own Kombucha

Congratulations on embracing fermentation! It is a lifelong hobby that is not just good for the mind, but also great for the body as it results in delicious functional food. […]

Kokum Mangosteen Solkadhi

Kokum is native to Goa, Manglore and Western Ghats (Southern Maharashtra, Nilgiris and Northern Karnataka). It is known by many names kokum, aamsol or aamsul, the dried fleshy skin of […]

Low Cost Beer Keezer At Home : Mini Bar

If you want to upgrade your minibar to a beer on tap keezer or kegerator then this is the guide for you. Here is a step by Step Guide

Home Brew Meet Jaipur and Ahmedabad

We are proud to announce two home brewing meetings in Ahemdabad and Jaipur this week. Please join them. Agenda: Q&A, getting to meet the follow brewers in your city and […]