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Beer on Tap: Keezer

Want to dispense fresh beer kombucha or nitro-coffee on tap at home. Here is a step by step construction guide for Keezer from the refrigerator

Beer Brewing Workshop Bangalore

Liquor shops are shutting down for 45 days. Are you Atmanirbhar yet? Understand the art of making craft beer making and demystifying the process.   About the event Three hour […]

Rhododendron Wine Recipe (Rhodo Alcohol)

Rhodo is a flower that grows in the forest of the lower Himalaya Mountain Range. From Himachal to Uttrakhand to Nepal to Sikkim to Meghalaya it is found in abundance. […]

Kiwi Wine Cider: Simple Steps

Kiwi is a good tasty fruit that is rich in anti-oxidants. The best part is that it is much softer and easier to juice than apple. It has a nice […]

Wine Making Workshop

About the event Three hour workshop for beginners in wine and cider making. Agenda: 1. Grape wine from Fresh Fruits (30 min) 2. Q&A on instant wine making (15 Min) […]

NitroBrew: Cold-Brew Coffee

“Nitro” cold brew is all the rage. What we don’t realize is that it is so simple and a rewarding experience. Without any week long wait, heating, temperature control: This […]

Apple Cider Wine Workshop

Two hour workshop for beginners in wine and cider making. Agenda: 1. Apple Cider from Tetra-Pack Juice using Turbo Yeast (30 min) 2. Q&A on instant wine making (15 Min) […]

Mulberry Shahtoot Wine

Also called Shahtoot (शहतूत ), it is a delicious deep red juicy berry. It is available abundantly in silk-producing areas of Eastern India from Karnataka to Assam. These are compound fruits […]

Phalse Indian Blueberry wine

Phalse Indian BlueBerry Wine

The pink, red and purple berries are grown in arid lands of Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh, these are often called Blue Berry of India. These grow in the wild during […]