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Home Brewing Recipes & Tutorials

Beer Brewing Workshop Bangalore

Learn all about beer Ingredients and how to make your own unique flavored craft beer. Understand the art of making craft beer making and demystifying the process. About the event […]

Home Brew Meet Jaipur and Ahmedabad

We are proud to announce two home brewing meetings in Ahemdabad and Jaipur this week. Please join them. Agenda: Q&A, getting to meet the follow brewers in your city and […]

Fruit Seltzer and Hard Ginger Ale Workshop

Learn how to make Alcoholic Fruit Selzer, Carbonated Soda and Hard Ginger ale through these simple steps. Some of the topics to be covered are: Simple steps of fermenting wine […]

Indian Cherry Wine

The fruit of Indian Cherry (especially the one grown in North East India especially Assam & Meghalaya) can be converted into a fabulous white wine. The Muyna’s botanical name is […]

Fruit Cider Wine Workshop

Online workshop for beginners in wine and cider making. Agenda: 1. Apple Cider from Tetra-Pack Juice using Turbo Yeast (30 min) 2. Q&A on instant wine making (15 Min) 3. […]

Barbecue Smoker: Low Cost

The blue Oil drums can easily be converted into smokers for your barbecue party. Here is a step by step instructions of how to do it. Remember this design is […]

Kombucha Workshop

Heard all about kombucha and would love to try brewing your own?
Learn from the experts of Fermentation.
With over 20 years of fermentation experience, hear more about how to prevent mold from forming
How to brew tasty and delicious kombuchas the right way!
We will explore the science and chemistry behind working with live cultures to make fermented drinks
Understand the benefits of probiotics
Learn important tips for achieving a safe and delicious brew

Beer on Tap: Keezer

Want to dispense fresh beer kombucha or nitro-coffee on tap at home. Here is a step by step construction guide for Keezer from the refrigerator

Rhododendron Wine Recipe (Rhodo Alcohol)

Rhodo is a flower that grows in the forest of the lower Himalaya Mountain Range. From Himachal to Uttrakhand to Nepal to Sikkim to Meghalaya it is found in abundance. […]