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Micro-Distillery License Policy of India

India has seen a surge in interest and innovation within the craft distilling industry, thanks in part to the relaxation of regulations surrounding microdistilleries. These small-scale operations have been granted […]

Various types of Single Malt Whiskey Scotch

Most Indians have tasted two types of Whiskey. The Single Malt that is imported from Scotland and the distilled molasses that was made in the nearby sugar mill. However, there […]

How to Distil Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

The origins of single malt Scotch whiskey can be traced back to the monastic traditions of medieval Scotland. Monks, renowned for their distillation skills, crafted spirits from grains, particularly barley, […]

Cashew Feni: Trouble Shooting Guide

Cashew fruit Feni has a GI tag for the Goa region. This means only the cashew distillate from Goa made in traditional pot stills can be called feni. If you […]

Safety & Precautions in Distillation

Distilled Alcohol is combustible (even explosive) and you have flames near it. So don’t underestimate the need for Safety and precautions. Here is the blue flame test video to help […]

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Mahua Alcohol Spirit: Off Flavors

One of the biggest problem with Mahua distillation is the high temperature of Madhya Pradesh and central India where these flowers are grown and collected by Tribals. Commercially available Mahua […]

Distillation Off Flavors: Trouble Shooting Guide

If the distilled alcohol tastes weird, then 9 out of 10 times it is because of temperature control. Use a precise thermometer and careful monitoring to collect the hearts. Throw […]

Pot Still Vs Reflux Still: Alcohol Distillation Equipment

Various Indian State governments are now encouraging the revival of traditional alcohol. This has yielded a rise in micro-distillery culture across India. Hence this article is for the distillation column […]