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home made scotch whiskey

How to Age Scotch Whiskey at Home

Many of the commercial whiskey available in India are nothing more than distilled molasses with synthetic colors, dyes, and essence. However, if you lay your hands on a bottle of […]

hot spicy wine

Mulled Wine: Spicy Hot Wine

Warm spicy wine is a Christmas tradition all over Europe. The heat and spices increase the aromas and make it pleasant for sipping on an Indian rainy day as well. […]

green apple cider wine

Green Apple Wine: Shimla Hard Cider

Green Apples were also called Golden Apples. The reason was that by the time they hit the market, the green color of the fruit drys out and turns yellow because […]

clear rice sake wine after filtering

Rice Vinegar: Asian Cuisine

Rice vinegar is an exotic ingredient used in a variety of Asian Cuisine. Some recipe books suggest that we can substitute it with Distilled Vinegar or lemon juice. However they […]

Homemade Coffee Kahlua Liqueur

Coffee Kahlua Liqueur

Kahlua, which literally means House of the Acolhua people from Veracruz, Mexico is an alcoholic coffee liqueur. Serve homemade Kahlua on its own over ice. Or mix it into a cocktail. Either […]

dark chocolate liqueur mousse

Dark Chocolate Liqueur Mousse

Chocolate mousse is decadence and simplicity all rolled up into one. It has been there for us at some point or another in our lives whether it’s been to help […]

homemade chocolate vodka

Chocolate Vodka Recipe

Chocolate vodka and its usage in various cocktails has become so popular of late. It has a rich and delightful taste. In this section we are gonna help you make […]

glowing Belgian candi sugar

Belgian Candi Sugar

Candi Sugar is used in Belgian style beers like Trappist, dubbel, and tripel. Since these are fermentable adjuncts, the resulting beer is dry and high alcoholic. These are formed by […]

Torrified Wheat for brewing

How to make Torrified Wheat

Torrified wheat is used in brown bitters. However, any beer recipe where you want a good head without the sweetness & white color of wheat can benefit from Torrified wheat