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wheat beer and stout porter

How to make Wheat Beer at home

Most first-timers cannot believe that without adding any sugar, grains can be converted into a sweet wort. It is this transformative power and the flexibility to customize the color and […]

sparkling wine flute glass

Kapisayani: White Wine Recipe

Contrary to popular perception, it’s the regular black wine grapes that make your white wine and not the white table grapes. Take a black current and peel its skin off. […]

fruit cider wine variety

Kalika: Fruit Wine & Cider Recipe

Fruit Wine and Fruit Beer are so easy to make. All fruits ferment naturally. An over-ripe apple fallen from the tree would naturally convert into cider inside its skin. As […]

craft barley field wheat harvest

Barley Grain Malting: Home Recipe

This article focusses on small-scale production of barley base malt, which is where most maltsters hone their skills before moving on to specialty malts and malting other grains. With minor […]

A must try sweet-smelling homemade beverage

Raga: Banana Wine Recipe

Any fruit can be pulped and made into wine. The banana recipe can easily be modified to use pineapple, mango, apple etc.Ingredients to make a liter of fruit cider wine. […]

blackberry mulberry rasberry apricot strawberry assorted

Jamun Red Wine Recipe: Asava

Jamun wine recipe can also be made from mulberry, jamun and berries. It is deep red in color, dry and with a strong body. Hence the name Devil’s blood wine. […]

rose wine sparkling white rosse wine

Sudha: Rose Wine Recipe

Flowers are romanticized throughout literature. Rose is readily available and full of aromas and colors that one would like to capture. We will talk about a basic rose wine in […]

date palm khajoor

Vedic Date Beer Recipe: Khajurasava:

Generally, we use Dried Kajoor (palm date) for this beer preparation. But, I guess, any wine can pair up for a romantic rendezvous. Sweet sorghum, maple syrup, jaggery paste or […]

pear in wine bottle

Pear Wine Bottle

Innovation in wines need not come from recipe alone. Presentation and packaging can also help you win accolades. Sake is almost exclusively packed in traditional bottles. The flask with a […]