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Low Cost Beer Keezer At Home : Mini Bar

If you want to upgrade your minibar to a beer on tap keezer or kegerator then this is the guide for you. Here is a step by Step Guide

Barbecue Smoker: Low Cost

The blue Oil drums can easily be converted into smokers for your barbecue party. Here is a step by step instructions of how to do it. Remember this design is […]

Beer on Tap: Keezer

Want to dispense fresh beer kombucha or nitro-coffee on tap at home. Here is a step by step construction guide for Keezer from the refrigerator

homebrew siphon

DIY Siphon Tube

Siphon allows the transfer of homebrew from your fermenter to bottle or a secondary vessel. This allows decanting the brew without risk of oxidation or stirring the sediments.

Wine Press Construction

Wine Press is used by wine makers to reduce manual work and also to improve the color and wine extraction efficiency from grapes. After 3 to 7 days of fermentation, […]

temperature control of mango wine

How to make Low-Cost Glass Fermenter

Getting an affordable home brew glass fermenter is always a challenge. Imported glass carboys/demijohns are prohibitively expensive. Hence today we will talk about how to convert a simple glass jar […]

temperature controller

Thermostat: Fermentation Chamber

India is a land of extreme temperatures. In Delhi, the summers are boiling hot and winters freezing cold. This variation makes it impossible to practice the fermentation all year around […]

a type keg opening tool

How to Open A type Keg (Commercial Beer)

Commercial beer kegs are widely available and easy to procure from the second-hand market. They are thick stainless steel pressure tanks that can be repurposed for a variety of uses. […]

beer tap cleaning

Beer Line Cleaning

Sanitation and cleaning are the most important jobs of a beer brewer. Maintaining your equipment prevents mold infection and spoilage of the beer. Also good quality equipment is the key […]