As the craft home brewing is picking up momentum, more and more home brewing parties end up with a pool for the best brewer. However, what most people fail to appreciate is that you cannot make an IPA compete with a Wheat Beer or a Stout or a wine or cider or mead. Unless the beers or wine styles close together, all one can say is if the beverage is great, good, bad or ugly.

If you do happen to have two brewers or more with similar styles, then I would like to do a more scientific judging based on the following parameters:

  1. Packaging (yes, often the bottle tells me if it is worth drinking or not)
  2. Aromas 12 points
  3. Color/clarity/head 3 pts
  4. Flavors (especially off-flavors) (20 pts)
  5. Mouthfeel or body 5points
  6. Balance 10pcs
  7. Total of 50 points

Attached are some best practices scoring mechanisms for wine beer cider and mead.

When judging your fellow brewer be honest and constructive in your feedback. Don’t try to bully or scare a newbie with your snobbish remarks. Also don’t allow your personal relationship to falsify your evaluation. Good feedback helps improves the art and wrong feedback feeds into the ego.

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