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Bottle washing and sanitizing is seen as the most hated part of homebrewing. But its very important to create a healthy environment for your yeast. Bacteria, germs, and the likes have real bad effect on your beer. Its very important to remove these on a regular basis. Today, we attempt at making the process easy for you. Our aim is in this section is cleaning bottles and home brewing made easy with a washer from Arishtam. But before that let’s answer some questions brewers generally face regarding the maintenance of the bottles.

Do you need to sanitize new beer bottles?

It is always better to sanitize the beer bottles even when they are new. It’s important to sanitize in order to protect your brew from infections. Sanitization can be done just before bottling. There are two convenient methods to sanitize: through chemical and through heating. When using the chemical sanitizer we can easily put the solution in the fermenter bucket and soak the equipments. While heating method depends on the type of equipment. All in all, if there is ever a question on whether to clean/sanitize or not, always opt for sanitizing/cleaning. Though it takes effort, the probability of infection in your brew gets highly reduced.

Do you rinse beer bottles after Sterilising?

Ideally, a true sterilizer does not require rinsing afterwards. It should be the last thing to touch the bottles before you pour in the brew. But practically speaking, most of the available products that sterilize are needed to be rinsed off at the end. It depends on what kind of sterilizer you are using. If you are using bleach you definitely need to rinse the bottles afterwards.

How do you get a label off a beer bottle?

If you are one of those who does not like the hodgepodge of labels on their bottles, then you can follow any of the following ways to get rid of them:

  1. Soak your bottles in hot water for 20 minutes and then scrub the labels off.
  2. If you have a dishwasher soak your bottles in there and use some detergent. This would create a lot of bubbles and labels can be easily removed.
  3. Simply heat up the label glue and it unsticks. You can either use baking or hair-dryer for this purpose.
  4. Different chemicals like, baking soda, PBW, oxiclean, etc. help in removing the labels too. You just need to mix the chemicals in hot water and soak the bottles up.

There are several other methods of removing the labels most of which depends on the kind of labels that is being used.

Can I reuse beer bottles for homebrewing?

You can reuse the beer bottles for home brewing and actually you should do it. It not only saves your cost but is also environment friendly. You just need to take care of certain basic cleaning and sanitizing aspects and you are good to go.

How many times can you reuse beer bottles?

The answer depends on how you treat the bottles. If you are using heating methods for sanitizing or cleaning the bottles might break soon as compared to when you use chemicals to clean. Other than this you can use the bottles as long as they don’t break or get chipped. The beauty of using glass vessels for storage is that they are fit to use as long as you want.

Finally, let’s look at the know-how of how to use a bottle washer and sanitizer.

bottle washer
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How to use a bottle washer

One of the biggest problem faced by home brewers: how to clean and sanitize their bottles.
Prep Time2 minutes
Active Time1 minute
Total Time3 minutes
Course: cleaning, home brew
Keyword: iodophor, PBW, sanitizer, starsan
Yield: 1 bottle
Cost: 1500


  • Bottle Washer & Sanitizer


  • 500 ml water
  • 1 ml Rinse free Sanitizer


  • Unbox the washer kit
  • Insert the spring
    powerful spring action
  • Screw the cap on the sanitizer washer
    easy to disassemble
  • Pour in the sanitizer in 500ml water. Place the inverted bottle on it and press the spring.
    In a few seconds your job is done.


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  1. Rahul Deshpande

    Hello Ankur, pls recommend a no-rinse sanitizer to use with the vibrator.

    1. Rahul Deshpande

      I meant vinator 🤣

      1. Rahul Hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid and tinture iodine are effective no rinse sanitizers

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