Blonde Ale Beer Recipe

Presenting a simple all-grain beer. Lovely session beer for summers. Yes, you can make a lovely craft beer at home. Just add some hops malt and yeast in your trusty home brew fermenter and you are good to go. Here is the detailed step by step instructions.

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Blond Ale Recipe

A beginer all grain recipe for a home brew craft beer
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Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 2 hours
fermentation 8 days
Total Time 8 days 2 hours 30 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Servings 20 pints
Calories 124 kcal


  • brewbag
  • Airlock
  • bung
  • boiling pot


  • 2 kg Pilsner malt
  • 200 gm Crystal Malt
  • 5 gm Beer yeast
  • 25 gm Hops high Alpha acid
  • 2.5 gm yeast nutrient
  • 20 gm priming sugar


  • ​​Preparation1. In case you don’t have a wort chiller. Boil 3 liters of water and cool. Put it in your freezer overnight to make sanitized ice. (better to make 2-3 liters extra just in case)
  • Sanitize everything that’s going to touch your beer wort with Iodophor solution.
  • Brewing Process:1. Mill Pale malts and Crystal malts with a Hand Mill. We don’t want to make a flour or else while mashing them they’ll become gelatinous and difficult to filter we only want to crush the grains a little so that while mashing, water can reach its core. If you don’t have a mill you can grind them in a mixer blender, give it a few brief spins carefully until all of the grains are broken.
  • Fill your Mash tun with 5 liters of hot water. Mash the grains between 63°C to 65° for one hour. Sparge with about 8 liters of hot water((70°C)). Lauter the wort to your boiling pot.
  • Turn your stove on. When the liquid(wort) reaches boiling point lower the flame and add 10gm hops to a brew bag.
  • At 45 minutes. Move your cleaned wort chiller to the pot(Yes! put it directly in). Add 5 gm hops.
  • At 55 minutes mark add 10gm hops.
  • At 60 minutes turn the stove off.
  • Run water through your water chiller or add 3 liters of previously made ice to the wort and keep stirring till it dissolves. Check the temperature with a food thermometer. Once it dips below 22 degree Celsius transfer to your fermenter (add more ice if you have to). Discard used hops. Check here for information on brewing temperatures.
  • Add 5gm brewers yeast and 1 teaspoon yeast nutrient. Put an airlock and bung/grommet on, move the fermenter to a cool dark place and let it ferment for 10 days or until the airlock stops showing any activity and water seems level.
  • Wait for two more days for the beer to settle. Add half a tablespoon of powdered sugar to the finished beer.(don’t add more than that or the bottles can burst) Fill your sanitized pet bottles and shut tight or fill your sanitized glass beer bottles and put crowns on them.
  • Leave the bottle at room temperature for 7 to 15 days for the natural carbonation to happen inside the bottle.
  • Transfer the bottles to a fridge.
  • Most Important: Share the love! Pick a holiday, call up your friends, open some chilled bottles of your own homemade Blonde Beer and eat up all the praise with a smug face.


Blonde Ale Featuring Glacier and Saaz Hops
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  1. Kusum Agarwal

    5 stars
    🙂 all grain craft beer

  2. 20 pints about 7 liters after sediments and losses

  3. Anand Gupta

    Hello Ankur ji,
    This recipe make 20 servings. 20 ‘servings’ is little unclear. Can you please tell how much it would make in liters ?

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