Beer and wine goddess

The common joke amongst atheists is: “If you don’t understand something, invent a God and blame it on divine intervention.”
Well! the role of micro-organisms was not understood and fully appreciated until about a century and a half ago. That’s why across the cultures, fermentation was always attributed to Gods. Some of the notable names of Gods and Goddesses include Acan (Mayan God of alcohol), Aegir (a Norse divinity), Aizen Myō-ō/ Inari (Japanese), Amphictyonis (Greek Goddess), Bacchus (Roman God equivalent to Greek Dionysus), Bierasal (Germany for beer), Du Kang (China), Mayahuel (Mexican Goddess of tequila), Nephthys (Egypt), Ninkasi (Sumerian), Nokhubulwane (Zulu), Oenotropae (Greek), etc. It was only in the 19th century that the fermentation moved from the realms of belief and tradition to science. The following five sections are to demystify the occult traditional practices to refine them and reinvent them as per our tastes!!

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