Fact no 1: Alcohol + Hops + Sunlight = Skunk Beer.

Fact no 2: Nobody will drink flat beer.

Fact No 3: I will not let my lips touch something that is labeled with a cello-tape. Please use the proper printed stickers

Fact no 4: Home brew beer will have a natural edible thin layer of yeast at the bottom (yellow ring). That’s why you have to serve it in chilled glasses and not in the bottle.

Fact no 5: Unlike wines, beer gets infected and oxidized very fast. So don’t try to skimp on the packaging.

Now that I have your attention:

1. Clarify your beer as much as possible. That means Cold crash, Bentonite & gelatin.

2. Add half a teaspoon of priming sugar to create the natural fizz

3. Make sure that you are storing in dark bottles.

4. Sanitize as much as possible.

5. Soda bottles and swing top glass bottles are good for short term storage. However, you need a crimped crown cap if you are looking for anything permanent and visually appealing.

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