Our aim is a revival of the lost Indian food-craft tradition and helping you promote your own individual signature food and beverage. We strive to promote vegan, organic and healthy food, therefore we don’t sell food-colors, molasses and other harmful (but permissible) ingredients used by the industry. Do browse our probiotics section for amazing non-alcoholic superfoods.

Unlike a typical e-commerce home brew supply website, we are 100% Indian owned and operated! We are more of a club that exists to help you rather than a company focused on profits. Arishtam is not about getting intoxicated but getting that oomph factor in your home brew.

We are artisans first and merchants second. Hence do reach out to us if you are facing any technical issues with your recipe. We also provide consultation to entrepreneurs who desire to scale their batch and commercialize their skills. We don’t sell finished goods but can help you with supplies, ingredients, equipment, and know-how needed for you to excel in your culinary skills.