One of the first questions faced by most of us when we want to make a large batch is… Where will I get the bottles?

Please be wary of broken glass during cleaning. Hence we bring a host of nifty tools to help you save the environment by recycling bottles.

  1. Washer
  2. Drying stand
  3. Sanitizer
  4. Bottle Brush

 The easiest way is to ask your friends and family to save some. But personally I find it much easier to just walk into a bar during the day (Monday noon works well) and ask them politely for some. Most bars are happy to get rid of the empty glassware which is lying in one corner of their dumpster. They will even give you some cartons to pack and carry them. Getting quality wine bottles (dimple bottom and straight long neck) is slightly difficult. Hence visiting high-end bars and restaurants helps. Since most Indian wines are bottled in screw cap bottles, the supply is really limited. However it never harms to ask.

glass bottles for home brew

Couple of things to remember. First, try to use amber brown bottles rather than transparent clear glass bottles. Sunlight is not good for both wines and beers. Secondly often label peeling is a problem. Avoid bottles with Vinyl labels (they are really hard to get off). Soak the paper label overnight and then use sickle (a curved blade or metal edge) to peel off the old labels.

Another alternative is to get the canning machine and can your home brew.

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